May Update

Well, May has been pretty busy.

I started back at Langara to finish up my first year science stuff. I can’t say I’m totally in love with the material, having gotten a taste of how nice specific courses are. But I figure if I can power my way through first year bio, psychology and English, I’m golden. I’m also studying my ass off for my Chem final, which falls on my birthday. Another reason for me to drink a lot that night, heh.

I’m also working more the research project I mentioned last post. I’m learning a programming language for MatLab, and reading up on some BioMechanics stuff. It’s really neat. Baby steps!

And I’ve been going to a lot of… classes. For martial arts. I’ve been going to open mats on the weeknds for BJJ, which is awesome! I got a new gi in the mail this week and it fits me like a dream. I love it so much. I also did some boxing at my college, which was cool. I need to figure out how to fit it into my open mat schedule. And I did an MMA class last Sunday, which was also really fun. It was strange to have to worry about punching while grappling, and it totally threw me into the mindset I had when I first started BJJ.

Things are going really well. I’m happy.

And I’m planning my trip to Italy still. I have all the places I’m gonna stay, and the traveling within Europe figured out. Now I just have to decide what I’m going to do at each city. Much excitement!


It’s been a while

It’s been a few months hasn’t it?

I’ve been enjoying living in my new home, enjoying my awesome new roommates, enjoying living with my pup, enjoying my awesome classes and being close to school. And enjoying life in general.

A far cry from my implosion a few months ago.

I’ve wrapped up classes, and am studying for finals this week. And studying for my Chem final at some point in July.

Things in the dating scene are looking up as well. I’ve dated a few new men, and am completely over The American. We’re still friends, but I am no longer infatuated and it’s the most liberating thing ever. I was seeing a man, The Paramedic, for a little bit. But it was very on and off. I’m not sure what his deal was, but I’ve decided it will be off, and shall remain so. I’m not interested in being toyed with. I’ve also gone on a few other dates, none came to fruition though.

However, I’ve been seeing someone new for about 3 weeks now and I really like him. On paper he’s next to perfect, and in person he’s amazing. On our second date, we went to a caberat and danced to 50’s music all night. It was pretty spectacular. He’s pretty spectacular. And I hope that by writing about this I don’t jinx myself (not that I really believe in that kind of stuff, but… y’know…)

I’ve been to a few open mats for BJJ, but nothing serious. I haven’t really trained since I hurt my knee in May, and even though the MRI came back saying that nothing was wrong with my knee, it still aches and is uncomfortable in certain positions. I’m hesitant to do anything crazy with it.


I will be finishing up some courses at my old college this summer. I figured I would contact an old professor I had there and talk about research opportunities with him. And it sounds like we’re going to START one… from scratch! Isn’t that exciting! Probably in the biomechanics of posture and balance field, which is something I’ve been interested in. It’ll be awesome to delve deeper into that and learn about research methods and what not. So much excite!

Anyway, I should get back to studying psychology.

Hi ho silver, away!


Things That Made 2014 Amazing

I realize it’s like.. the end of January already. But I had been working on this post since like… May. And then I went ahead and forgot to post it. But dammit all I’m gonna post it anyway.

Here is a list of things that made 2014 (even though it was a super shitty year) great.


Got to be single – This is maybe the most significant transformation for me. Being single allowed me to grow and evolve as a person and experience life in a totally new light. I embraced my independence and freedom. Here’s a picture of me with the only boy I’ll ever need :P


Finished 1st year Kin on Dean’s List. Which was amazing. I enjoyed almost all my classes and I feel like I learned a lot. I really laid out a good foundation for the rest of my bachelors degree.

This is just before taking a Bio Final.

And this is me studying for an Anatomy Final.


I went to the Dominican Republic for a family trip and studied for Physiology there.


I rode a pirate ship! This was a lot of fun.


I shot a gun! (It was terrifying and kind of neat) It was a friend’s birthday, and she really wanted to shoot paper.


Got into UBC Vancouver! A feat in and of itself I believe. There were 120 spots and I got in. And now! I can finish my bachelors and not be stuck after two years at a college.


My lovely friends at Jiu Jitsu gave me a mini celebration for my birthday when I was feeling down about being 25.

And then my other friend took me out for beer!


I rediscovered how frickin’ awesome Vancouver is.


I went to Busker Fest and saw a ton of amazing people do amazing things.


Started fall term at UBC with most of the classes I wanted


Went to France – Two awful things happened and it was still the best two weeks of my life.


Worked during the summer.  Which is good because after becoming single I had a shit load of legal bills and what not to deal with before finally being free.


I also landed a gig back at one of my favourite studios to work part time while studying



I got to watch the Canada Day Fireworks!


Met The American, and made frequent trips over the border. :)


He even came up to watch the Celebration of Light! (And that was an amazing weekend)


Nearly OD’d on homemade cold brew coffee every morning of the summer. Worth it.


I bought myself a brand new bike! I named it Grover.


Before I quit BJJ, I got a stripe on my blue belt!


Went to Portland…twice! – Another perk of being single is I get to go where I want, when I want essentially. So I finally made the trek down to Portland to see my buddy Lo!

And watched my first football game


I painted something pretty! And attempted to paint more after this.



Officially changed my name.


Hurt my knee but got it fixed! Well, sorta. I rehabbed it myself (and it’s doing well so far), and I have an MRI apt in Feb.


I mentioned last post and the one before that I’m moving. And I kind of wanted to write about that and get my thoughts out on pixels.

I am so… damn… excited for this move. I went last week to give my roommates my damage deposit, pet deposit, pick up my sets of keys and figure out what day I’m moving in. I was really happy to get the chance to chat with them a bit more, and actually meet one of them. The more I talk to them, the better I feel about this change. I text back and forth with one, and she’s such a sweet heart.

I’m looking forward to not feeling so anxious all the time (although the antidepressants are supposed to help with that as well). To being around people, being able to speak to people… But I think the thing I’m looking forward to most is Monty being able to live with me. I have to wait a little bit for my roommate to get back so that we can introduce Monty to her cat in the least stressful way for the cat. And I’m really hoping that goes well. My only concern is that he’ll bark and spook the cat, but other than that, Monty likes cats. All fingers and limbs crossed. I just want to be able to snuggle my pup at night, and listen to him sing me little welcome home songs. It sounds silly, but Monty is my little canine soul mate.

Plus, it’ll be nice to have a larger home with a living room, be close to school, across the street from a grocery store, be near coffee shops and restaurants, and libraries. I won’t be so socially and geographically isolated. And I’ll be able to ride my bike everywhere too! The only downside is it’s an hour and a half by bus from my parents place.

And so… I’m moving on Dec 16th. I was going to wait until Jan 1st when my current lease is up, but… fuck it. Nothing is open Jan 1st anyway, no one wants to move on Jan 1st… And I don’t want to have to set my life up in the course of a weekend before school starts. So I’m eating the few hundred bucks to save myself more insanity.

I’m excited. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

It should be a quick move. Most of my stuff is still in boxes and the only furniture I have is bedroom stuff, and that is all still in boxes (hasn’t even been put together yet!). My whole life fits into a moving van. It’s not a bad way to go about things.

Wrapping It Up

Well, tomorrow is my last day of school.

It’s been… hard. I’m not going to lie. I still have finals to prepare for. Math is down the shitter so I’m focusing on Chem and Kin right now. With what little mental capacity I have after all this burn out.

I’m looking forward to having most of December off so I can just… reset. And settle into my new home (I’m moving soonish!)

Happy thanksgiving to all my American friends! (tomorrow)

More Change

2014, the year of Change! You son of a bitch.

I saw my doctor this week. She put me on sleeping pills. I have another appointment this week to see if I need antidepressants (I’m trying to avoid this). I also had an appointment with my psychologist, and unpacked a bunch of issues for an hour. It felt good afterwards. And I’m living at my parents place, and I have a week or two off from school.

And I quit my job and I’m moving…. again.

I feel like this year has had a lot of repeats. This will be the…. 3rd or 4th place I’ve lived in the past 7 months.

I have a really good feeing about it. I’m not just settling for this place like I did my current home.

I saw the ad on craigslist, and fell in love with the photos because they reminded me of the place I stayed in France. And the description was lengthy! There was information about each room mate, the home, the location, and the home philosophy. It just felt good. So I emailed them an equally lengthy email, went over yesterday to check it out and spent at least a solid hour conversing with my soon to be flatmate. And it was like talking to a mirror. We’ve both gone through some really similar things in the past little while and we both want the same things in a home, but she was much better at articulating it. As I was leaving, she straight up offered me the space. So I’m going to take it. And my mother, who went with me, thinks I should take it too. And now I have to find furniture because I don’t have a bed of my own.

It feels like a “forever home”. Maybe it won’t be, but it won’t feel like I’m temporary, which is how I feel in my home now. I’m going to see if I can move on the 1st of Dec, but if I can’t, Jan 1st works just as well. It really comes down to my landlord. I could move my entire home in about 2 hours, because I literally have… nothing. I have kitchen shit and clothes. Speedy.

And my job… I went in on Friday and spoke to my producer and told him basically everything that’s gone on, where I was at mentally and that I couldn’t keep working. He was more sympathetic that I was expecting and told me that if I ever needed a gig again when I was out of school or could handle it, I had one. So that made me feel really good.

I’m still slightly stressed out about not working. I thrive (or die?) from the feeling of being productive, the feeling of working. So I’m channelling that into my school work. I’m hoping I can salvage my grades after last week. I’ve given up hope of Calculus, but I’m still going full steam ahead on Chemistry.

So yes.

All the change.

Good change.

Defining Moments \\ Young Love

The summer I was 14 I met a boy named Ryan through TKD and camping. I kind of already knew who he was, but I didn’t know him. And when I got to know him, I developed a big… big crush on him. I had crushes before, but none where the boy actually spoke to me, and treated me nicely. The crushes I had were always from afar. Or the boys were embarrassed that I blushed in their presence.

But Ryan was lovely. He never acted like he was too good for me, he always asked my opinion of things, invited me along on camping adventures or beach trips with our siblings. Our families did a lot of stuff together whenever we went camping. They were either at our site, or we were at theirs. We’d go swimming together, canoeing together, and at night my brother and I would play any variation of kick the can, camp fire games or what have you with Ryan and his two siblings. I had an insane crush on him, but I was happy to call him my friend. It didn’t matter to me if we ever or never got married and died together. I was just happy being around him.

And I still remember the feelings of happiness when I was around him. I liked that he wouldn’t flinch away when I pretended to be afraid during camping games (the kind where you had to run from a person who was “it” and they were hiding, which were at times terrifying). I liked that he would sit at the fire pit and play his guitar. I liked that he was left handed like me. I liked that he would invite me over for 8 hour Monopoly marathons in our bathing suits. I liked that he paid more attention to me than to the “popular girls” I went to school with and who happened to show up at the camping grounds that summer (even though during the school year they said camping was lame). I liked that he would go swimming with me, or cruise around in the canoe with me. I liked that we were nice to each other.

I got to hold onto that happiness for a long time after too. Lucky for me there was no real heartbreak or “end”. It was just the end of summer and getting back on with our lives. There was always the possibility that our mothers would want to get together and we’d be taken along.

There was no final good bye for us, even though I haven’t spoken to him in years. We never tearfully parted ways, hugged good bye for the last time, or angrily declared never wanting to see each other again.

We jut faded out from each other’s lives.

But I still look back fondly on that specific summer. Ryan was lovely.