#Project20 – Day 9

Well some good news. I’m down 3lbs from the start, I feel a bit “tighter” over all, and I squatted 100lbs, instead of 70lbs for 5 sets of 5 . I did this after a hard class of BJJ and it was still surprisingly easy. My legs are not sore at all this morning. So I apparently can do another set, add more reps, or add more weight. I still don’t know what my PR is, and I don’t want to find out until I have a spotter or until my knee isn’t in pain.

I didn’t do the bench press because even though the weight is low, I don’t want to do it by myself. Just a bit nervous. And I didn’t do that row because I was actually really tired from BJJ anyway.

I have to go grocery shopping at Costco tonight. It’s been a while, and I’m out of fruits and veggies. My poor empty bag of spinach. I’m also going to buy more tupperware so that I can make a few lunches in one go for the week.

I’m also switching BJJ schools for the last month before school. Some not great things have reached my ears and I’m not comfortable training there. Beyond that, I won’t be able to afford it come fall when I won’t be working. I’m hoping to still have a regular gym I can go to so I can still work out and stay healthy.

We shall seeeee.

Today is a rest day because I have errands I have to run. And I had to wash my gis and stuff last night and it’s still not dry. Oops.


#Project20 – Days 6 , 7 & 8 >> weekend recap

I was supposed to this work out on Friday – Squats (70lbs) Bench Press (50lbs) and Barbell Row (70lbs) – but because it was hot and I was lazy and the rack was being used, I went home and moved my shit to the other room.

And then went on a near homicidal rage when my idiot (ex) flatmate came into my room at 1:00am when she couldn’t get into her suite. Long story, pain in the ass. She tried to move her stuff at 2am, I locked her out because that’s a stupid time to move and I was trying to sleep. I woke her up at 8:30am and told her to move her shit then. New flatmate is much nicer, and quieter. Not even “quieter” just… She goes to be at a normal time and isn’t crashing around at midnight. It’s a welcome change to have a flatmate with a normal schedule and manners.

Saturday I spent walking around for hours with my mother at a music festival/summer block party.

Sunday I helped my brother move. Moved a shit ton of stuff up 4 flights of stairs in +30C heat. I feel like that should count as my work out. I was drenched.

Today I will be doing my missed 5×5 work out. Although I may add weight to the squat if I find it a bit too easy after the first set. The row will probably be fine though. I have weak arms that need to become stronger.

Eggs for breakfast and snack, tilapia and salad for lunch. Not sure about dinner yet. Forgot to defrost meat so I may be eating just veggies. Hah. Or peanut butter. Because adult.


#Project20 – Day 4 & 5

Yesterday was a rest day. Was probably supposed to do cardio, but I had to pick up the last straggling items from my old condo. It’s a good thing it was rest day because I didn’t sleep. I had to get up at 1am and tear a strip off Godzilla for slamming doors like a freak.

I was on point with the noms though. Veggies, chicken, tuna, veggies… veggies… and my quinoa pasta stuff. Yup.

Last night was also the last night I had to spend with Godzilla in the suite. She ended up moving a bunch of her stuff to the other suite at about 10:30pm and then was silent for the rest of the night. ‘Twas great!

Only complaint (okay, two complaints) is that I left a note on her door yesterday morning asking her to take the kitchen garbage out that evening (because today, Friday, is garbage day) because I wouldn’t be home. She didn’t, so I had to do that this morning before the truck came. Whatever.

Second complaint, is that she used my tupperware. Not many things bother me, but using my tupperware is a big one. I use it to store my food and bring my food to work. And when I am unable to do so, it bothers me. It bothers me more so, because there’s a post-it note ON the tupperware saying “Do NOT use!” and it’s also on the list on the fridge. So I woke up this morning to one of my containers on the counter, unwashed. Irked. But again, whatever. She’s gone today and I will be able to actually communicate with my new roommate.


Today I will do an hour of BJJ and then another 5×5 day.

I was supposed to do Squats (70lbs) Bench Press (50lbs) and Barbell Row (70lbs) but someone else was using the rack and I didn’t want to wait another hour for them. Plus it was just way too hot to want to do anything.

I’m a little surprised at how much easier it is to squat 70lbs with a barbell than it is with dumbbells. Maybe it’s just because I don’t have to worry so much about grip. (I can really only hold about 30lbs in each hand because shit starts slipping around). I know these are impressive numbers, but I’m pleased so far. I’m just happy I started lifting. I’m happy I have training partners who are/were willing to show me how and what I need to do.

After, shower, tilapia for dinner and moving my stuff into the other room. Should be a quick set up. I don’t have a ton, just clothing, and a couple boxes.

Looking forward to waking up to sunlight in my bedroom :D

Life is good. Life is good. Life is good.

#Project20 – Day 2 & 3

In terms of exercise, yesterday was a bit of a bust. Both of my gis were soaked (with sweat) from previous sessions, so I decided to do the no-gi class which is usually a very good candidate for sweating and being sore the next day. Except that there were only four of us. So we did technique. I think the only reason any of us broke a sweat was because of the heat and humidity this summer is bringing. So I didn’t do much.

Which actually… is probably for the best. I was going to do tabata last night as well, but I ended up taking a nap in the change room for an hour before no-gi class. Why? Oh because my Japanese flatmate was up and stomping around the house like Godzilla until 2am, and I had to be up at 6am. She did the same thing again last night. Drying her hair at midnight. I mean, c’mon! The good news is that she is moving out of my suite and into the neighbouring one this Friday. She’s going to be flatmates with another Japanese girl, I’m taking her old room (more sunlight) and a German girl is going to be taking my old room. I’m looking forward to it.

So I did laundry last night. Everything is hang drying. I actually took my gi to work today to hang it to dry so that I can train tonight.

Tonight is also my 5×5 night. Squats (65lbs), Overhead press (45lbs) and Deadlifts (95lbs). I know that I’m only supposed to do 1 set of 5 for deadlifts, but I may just do 5 sets anyway because it’s so light and then pull it back when it starts getting heavier. And because everything feels so light, I may just do shorter rest times between sets. You’re supposed to do 1.5-3 mins between sets, but… 90 seconds feels like a long time.

In terms of noms (aka food)… I’ve basically only been eating fruits and veggies aside from the following: I had a chicken breast with lunch yesterday, I’m trying to get rid of the granola cereal I have and then I’ll switch to eggs for breakfast, and I had two nutrigrain bars last night (again, something else I’m trying to remove from my home, but can’t bear to toss because I’m a tight wad when it comes to wasting money and food).

Overall I think I’m doing okay. Spinach, 1/2 avocado, 2 tomatoes, 2 cucumbers and a shit ton of snap peas for lunch today. And then chicken for dinner! I actually defrosted it last night so I’m excited :D

#Project20 – Day 1

Last night was excellent.

Did one hour of BJJ. The warm up was more intense than usual which was a welcome change. We then went over three escapes from someone having your back. And then positional sparring. We were supposed to go from having the back, but my knee feels really uncomfortable in that position, so I rolled with a favourite training partner and all we did was try to keep side control or regain guard from bottom side control. It was excellent. I believe he outweighs me by about 10-20lbs, and he’s a lot more lean than I am. But I did a good job keeping solid side control and not letting him go anywhere. I’m kind of proud.

And theeeeeen I started the 5×5 lifting program with another training partner. I did squats (45lbs), bench press (45lbs), and barbell rows (65lbs). Starting light so I don’t wake up with dead legs and lose motivation or the ability to work out again today. Also starting light and building up because I need to make my bad leg stronger gradually. My legs are not sore today at all.

Chicken, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber and avocado for dinner. Greek yogurt for dessert because I was still hungry. I should have skipped the yogurt (it gave me nightmares), but oh well.



I never notice I gain weight until a random day I look in the mirror and I’m shocked to see that I no longer have abs and my cellulite is more noticeable. My size 8 jeans still fit the same way they did when I was 20lbs lighter.

I looked in the mirror the other day at the gym and I wasn’t happy. So I stepped on the scale. Without my gi, I am 160lbs, officially a medium-heavy weight according to the IBJJF weight classes. Also officially 15lbs heavier than I normally am.

And so, remember THIS post? Well I won’t be competing any time soon, but I’m returning to the sentiment of getting back into middle weight and then potentially light weight. I think I may drop the 20lbs and then cut the last 5lbs for competition.

My knee is feeling healthy enough that I can start lifting weights and training hard again. Tonight after BJJ class,  I begin my twice-a-week partnered work-out. And another training partner has offered to show me the 5×5 lifting program, which I’m excited about.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday are going to be my lifting days. Tuesday and Thursday are cardio days. I haven’t decided on a rest day, probably Saturday because I go to open mat on Sunday, where I also do light lifting.

The food is getting adjusted as well. Setting up a meal plan and what not. I eat salads for lunch most days anyway, I think I just need to dial in what works for me. And maybe stop buying lindt. But hey, if you’re going to eat chocolate it may as well be the good stuff.

So yes. #Project20 commences today.

I’ll be posting my work outs the day after. Hopefully to inspire others to get a move on. :)